White tiles grey grout Transitional Bathroom classic design glass shower hex mosaic subway wall tile
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Choosing grout colors for white tile. Grout is to be considered as a partner to your tile, a lot of people forget about grout when they’re selecting tile for space. It’s just as important as the tile you can change the look of your space by changing the color of the grout. An example you can pick a tile that has a lot of pattern and texture to it on its own but is all one color or you can pick something that has a ton of movement in it or of course the wood look tiles. We can change the look of the space with the grout color, with each one kind of the tiles. For the mosaic tile, there is geometric really popular and trending for 2020,  it can be used in lots of different spaces bathrooms, and kitchens. Take the sample and crowd it with a contrasting grout color to really enhance the pattern. You can use something to really bring out the pattern using a contrasting grout color. Some tile with a pattern but in a larger format and more monochromatic and has some texture to it as a pattern to it on its own. That is something that you can use on the floor or on a wall a shower or even in a kitchen. For something like that, use a matching grout color to let the pattern stand alone. One of the most popular things in home design lately has been wood look tiles, a great way to incorporate that warm feel of natural woods into your home without having to deal with the maintenance of hardwood. But one of the challenges with this is selecting the right grout color. Take a look at the tile and kind of judge and see what kind of highs and lows in there. What kind of contrasting shades to pick out of those tones and incorporate that into the grout? For example, when we look at the tile there’s some gray and there’s a little bit of light, a kind of ash color, and also some kind of topi beiges.

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White tiles grey grout in Bathroom.

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