What is a pergola Rustic Patio backyard wood pergola outdoor firepit
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Pergolas is a shade for the outdoor structure living space. Pergolas made from rough sawn Western redcedar, and it’s located in the Sunnyside yard a residential house. Each post sits on a round concrete pier that spaced 8 foot 6 inches on center. The overall height of the pergola is also 8 foot 6 with a head clearance of 7 foot 3. The concrete footings are poured below the frost line. The posts are 6×6 and attached to galvanized saddles four beams are bolted to the posts and run north to south 10 rafters. Sit snugly over these beams they are grouped in pairs running east to west. Eight corner braces are attached either to a post and a rafter or to a post and a beam. topping the structure are five louvers these are also notched, so they sit down on the rafters.

A laser level to set all the tops of the Ledgers on the same level. Plain mason string weighted with bricks is strung across the boards on eight-foot six spacing. The strings are squared to each other by marking a point three feet and four feet from the intersection with a sharpie. Then adjusting the strings, so these marks are five feet apart diagonally. Another way to check for square is to measure diagonally the intersection to string intersection and adjust until the distance is equal. When everything is squared a plumb bob is suspended at the intersection to mark the center of the hole. The hole is dug in a sonotube, is dropped in the batter boards and strings are used to set a consistent height for all the tubes. Mixed up a few bags of concrete in a wheelbarrow and filled each form 6 by 6 post saddle into the concrete. The posts are full dimension 6 inches by 6 inches.

Draw a pencil line around the post on all four sides, if it’s square and true the lines will connect. Each post is cut to length with four cuts using a circular saw. Rotating the post a quarter turn each time than finishing off the cut with a handsaw. The entire pergola is made from lumber Western redcedar. Portable mill and is a meticulous and accurate sire the top of each post has a 30-degree slope. This is mainly for aesthetics and just like that look pencil lines are drawn using a large speed square.

You could use an angle grinder for all the champagne but the power plane works better on long runs. These posts are then set in the saddles, tilted up and plumbed with a spirit level. Stakes are driven in and temporary braces hold them in place. Screws are driven through the saddles into the bottom of each post. Then cut 42 by 8 beams to length. Mark a 45-degree angled section for the end. Profile on the two outermost beams, a mark the locations for the carriage bolts. Cut off the angle piece with a circular saw and square are also chamfered with the angle grinder and/or the power plane. Stain most of the pieces prior to assembly.

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