Water stain on granite banquette breakfast bar Traditional Kitchen
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How to remove these hard water stains on granite or your stone surface. Some products and cleaners that may be harmful to the surface of your stone things like Ajax bleach and straight vinegar. If you do have something like chicken juice or things like that on your countertop you can always use Clorox wipes. But straight bleach out of the bottle will definitely hurt your granite countertops abrasive for the surface and can cause itching of the granite. Any time that you’re taking a boiling pot of water or any thick bottom pan off of your stove always set it on a hot pad, so that you don’t possibly over time caused an issue with the surface of the granite. Now how to maintain your granite countertops and some do’s and don’ts. Long-term care usually about every 8 to 10 years, be sure your granite is clean and you have removed any hard water deposits prior to sealing. It’s a simple process the sealer is available in most hardware stores and it’s something that you can do at home. It’s very simple, the sealer that you can find it at Home Depot and you can buy it in smaller quantities as well it’s a simple process you just pour the sealer onto the granite countertop and you wipe it around coating the surface evenly and then wipe it off with a dry paper towel. Continue to wipe it off with a dry paper towel until there’s no residue left on the paper towel.

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Water stain on granite in Kitchen.

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