Turn closet into office Contemporary Home Office built in desk shelving storage white desk wood flooring
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A closet that just really wasn’t being used to its full potential ended up kind of being a catch-all. We want to make the most use of that square footage and we really did need an office space. Why not turn the big closet into an office nook. This project is something that can be done very quickly on a weekend. What you need is a sheet of half-inch plywood and one buy to select pine. Of course, the amount you need is going to depend on your closet size. To get started you’re gonna need to cut all your wood to the size you’re going to want to. Cut a piece of plywood to the size of the desk that you want it to be and then drill a hole approximately where you’ll want your monitor to sit. This is a good time to paint or stain your wood. Drill pocket holes into the front of each of your shelves. They’ll want them to be about a foot apart, mark where you want each of your shelves to sit, then screw in your 1 inch by 2-inch shelf supports. Make sure that you do it where there’s a stud. The project was already partly done. When you place your playlist shelf make sure that the pocket holes are facing forward. Because that’s what you’re going to use to attach that trim piece to the plywood. When you’re done with that you ever want to paint out the back on the wall so that it looks like one whole building. Place a couple of narrow cabinets on either end or furniture of your choice and slide in your plywood top. There is a small but mighty space.

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Turn closet into office in Home Office.

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