standard kitchen cabinet depth Transitional Kitchen 3 pendants over island blue and white kitchen glass front top cabinets gray stone tile backsplash
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Talk about basic cabinet terminology or cabinets 101. The base cabinet and the upper cabinet some people call a wall cabinet or an upper cabinet and the pantry cabinet. The other type of base cabinet is a vanity base. Some certain key and basic things about the types of cabinets, the base cabinet is always in a kitchen 24 inches deep. Thirty-four and a half inches high and when you put the inch and half countertop on top of it it makes it 36 inches. The toe kick is typically recessed back three inches and there are base cabinets that come in all different sizes all the way from nine inches up to 48 inches wide, but the depth and the height are typically always the same. You can get them with drawers and doors, you can have a bank of drawers, you can have a false drawer. If you wanted to have a sink or a cooktop on the base cabinet, there are lots of things you can do that’s. The base cabinet the other type of base cabinet is a vanity base cabinet and the vanity base cabinet is always 21 inches deep. Sometimes they’re lower at 30 and a half inches, we call that low vanity height. Then they have a higher version which is 34.5 inches. The kitchen height which is for adults or some people just like that higher vanity in the bathroom. But remember they’re 21 inches deep not 24. Upper cabinets come in the same type of different widths 9 inches all the way up to 48 inches, every three inches so 9 12 15 18 you get the point. Upper cabinets were there 12 inches deep always. Upper cabinets can be made to accept glass if you request it and upper cabinets typically are about 18 to 20 inches above the countertop. The upper cabinets come in different heights they’re either 30 inches tall 36 inches tall or 42 inches tall and you can order whatever height you want. You can be staggering people like to do that upper cabinet. The pantry cabinets as well as the uppers come in varying heights anywhere from 84 inches tall at 7 feet to 90 inches. Pimped pantry cabinets typically are 24 inches deep just like the base, although we can get them in 12 inches deep as well.

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