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An architect in the San Francisco Bay Area get asked the question as too many architects how much will it cost to draw up a house project, remodeling project, addition project? Just out of the blue people ask how much will it cost? The kind of question that architects have when you ask how much does that will it cost to draw up my own there are so many variables. Is it a new house? or Is it a remodel? The answer to your question is always it depends and it depends on answers to all. In order to get an answer to your question how much will it cost, actually need to sit down, talk at some length about the project.

In general, in the world of rules of thumb, the answer is going to be between ten and fifteen percent of the construction cost. that’s what most architects will charge for residential design and documentation services sometimes it’ll be less sometimes it’ll be more. But it’s generally about ten to fifteen percent that gives you an idea the construction costs in the San Francisco barrier Bay Area at the moment are running between $400 a square foot. If you want a bare-bones simple simple simple solution it’s going to cost $400 dollars a square foot to build right now if you want some extra the price is going to be $700 dollars a square foot. If you know you want to build a 1,000 square foot addition for example at $400 a square foot that’s $400000 and 10% of that is $40000 and $15 is $60000.

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