Martin luther king jr house Beach Style Kitchen calacatta island seating limestone pendant light marble countertops
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People from all over the country have the chance to take a full tour of dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s home from front to back. One significant piece of history that everyone gets to see face to face is the bombing that took place while King was living in his home. Peoples are shot when they find out that there is still an indention in the front porch where the bomb detonated. The home of dr. Martin Luther King from 1954 until 1960 King was at ralphs Missionary Baptist Church. When he got the phone call that his house had been bombed with his wife and children inside. Reverend King was downtown at a meeting and his wife was at home with their young baby Yolanda. The wife of a deacon of the church marry Lucy Williams was her name Reverend King did not want her to be home alone because he had begun to receive threats on his life as well as his family’s life. They were in the front room of the home where they heard a noise on the porch they immediately went to the back bedroom and the bomb went off while in the home. Visitors get to see Kings bedrooms bathrooms and more Mohammed tells us that most tourists have a favorite part of the house is the kitchen. Mostly all who visit martin Luther king jr house leave feeling more uplifted. When entered the home they are very humbled, seem to connect with the home. Very surprised to see that have so many authentic items in the home that were used martin Luther king jr house and Mrs. King

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Martin luther king jr in Kitchen. Calacatta coastal handmade tile.

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