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What would be in their dream kitchen? An island is the most popular. Sometimes they’re wanted for casual meals sometimes for cooking and other times it’s just for meal prep. Everyone wants the island to be beautiful a showpiece for not just their kitchen but their home. The most practical do’s and don’ts when planning around your kitchen island when deciding on your kitchen island size. First, consider is the space around your island. You need circulation space around your island, so the width of the aisle space between your perimeter kitchen and your island is your first requirement. Not only walk comfortably around your kitchen island and the kitchen needs room to open appliance doors. Always make sure you have a minimum of 42 inches in front of appliances, like your fridge oven, and dishwasher. All these appliances have doors that swing into that aisle space. Ensure you have room for those doors to open clearly. 42 inches also allow for two people to pass each other.

kitchen countertops are a standard 36 inches in height and the standard depth of cabinetry is 24 inches deep. That’s the starting point of many. If you want to have seating at the island you’ll need to increase the depth of your countertop from the standard 24 inches to include the space. Where seating will occur you’ll need to provide nice space under your countertop. To sit comfortably on the island 18 inches is a good minimum. But if you don’t want your guests to scuff up the cabinetry with their shoes aim for 24 inches. The type of seating will affect the height of your island as well. If you prefer to sit on bar height stools then you’ll need to raise your countertop from 36 inches to 42, that’s six inches above the standard height of your countertop. This usually means there is a portion of your island that will be raised. If you’d prefer to sit on a dining chair¬†then you’ll need to lower some portion of your aisle into 29 to 30 inches above the floor. That’s the standard height of a dining table or a desk height. This is a great way to incorporate a dining table setting if you don’t have a dedicated dining room in your home.

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Kitchen layouts with island in Kitchen. antique white appliance panel armchairs.

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