How to clean wooden blinds in Traditional Bedroom area rug bamboo blinds bedside table dark floor earth tone colors
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Cleaning wooden or faux wooden whites up blinds by wiping each slat individually. There was an easier way, and the first step is just to have them folded down closed and white thoroughly down the entire front. If you want to be sure to get close to the strings that are the easy area to miss but it is important if you miss areas on blinds they almost look worse than before you clean them. Because then there’s those shadows and lights where the light falls on the dust and the places you missed versus the places that were cleaned. So after wiping down the entire front, flipped it to where the slats are swinging to the back. Do the same thing down the back again, being sure to get close to the strings. You could probably also do this with a feather tight duster. I prefer my microfiber towels that’s probably a matter of preference. I just know that these towels hold the dust in pretty well and I don’t feel like it takes any longer than it wasn’t the Duster. Open them back up preferably when the daylight is coming through from the outside so that you can see those spots where the dust is highlighted. Which is sometimes happens especially behind the strings. The reason flips it to the back is because when you wipe down the front there’s always just this little lip that’s still covered. But if you flip to the back and then write down the same way then that live is then exposed on the backside. We’ve dusted all the surfaces, there are exceptions to this these were just dusty and that did it really well. There are only a couple of little spots where still see the dust I have seen mildew blends. These types are much cleaner easier to clean with the vinyl ones. But if they’re mildewed you still have to just wipe each slat and probably use a cleaner first is going to kill that mildew as usual.

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How to clean wooden in Bedroom.

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