General contractor salinas ca Farmhouse Dining Room mismatched dining chairs sliding doorsGeneral contractor salinas ca Farmhouse Dining Room mismatched dining chairs sliding doors
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The California State License Board licenses all contractors in California. Before getting started to make sure you are eligible. You must be 18 years or older, you must have a valid social security number, and you must know the skills and experience to manage your construction business, or be represented by somebody who can. Out-of-state individuals can still get licensed if they meet the qualifications. Some states have reciprocity agreements which make it easier.

Step one is to determine your license classification. Class A is a general engineering contractor, Class B is a general building contractor, and Class C is a specialty contractor. That license type contains over 40 different license classifications.

Step two is to apply for your licensing exam by submitting the following paperwork. Be sure to include a $300 non-refundable fee.

Step three is to wait for the CSLB to send you a letter of acknowledgment. The letter will contain two important numbers: an application fee number and a four-digit PIN. You can use these numbers to check the status of your application. If your license is denied for insufficient information, you will have the chance to resubmit. If your license is approved you will receive the fingerprinting live scan packet and a notice to appear for your examination. If you don’t need to take the exam the board will let you know.

Step number four is to complete the fingerprinting packet and sit for your exam. Upon passing your exam you will receive the final items that you must submit. This will include a licensing fee, proof of worker’s compensation insurance, and proof of the California contractor’s license bond. You can get insurance from your local insurance agent and you can get a surety bond from a licenses surety bond provider. The bond amount is set at $15,000 but you do not need to pay this amount to get bonded. You will only pay a small percentage.

Once you’ve completed the final requirement send them to the CSLB. You should receive your license within a week after it is issued. Licenses are valid for two years.

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General contractor salinas ca in Dining Room. beamed ceiling exposed beams indoor/outdoor.

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