Front door colors for brick houses Traditional Entry pendant light portico shingle square columns white trim
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Choosing paint colors seems to be a problem, that a lot of people go through. Choosing a door paint color on a brick house, and trim. The clients brought siding and their trim colors are already chosen we had nothing to do with those. What color to go on the door? It could be anything from purple to blue to red to green. There is a number of options, pull out paint deck from Sherwin Williams, but every company has a paint deck that they work with. That has every color that they offer which is a great place to start. From the entire paint deck, narrowed it down to the color range that wanted and within some sort of tone that would work well-ish right. What I didn’t choose was oranges, seafoam greens, bright yellows, bright purples, and things like that. All of those are left in the deck along with colors that are very matchy-matchy with this like grays and sagey greens. We want something that pops just a little bit but what I like to do in a case where we’ve got the light trim and we have a medium tone on the siding. I like to go a little darker with the door. Basically, you have three shades going on within the composition of your home. Just keep all of that in mind again if you have kind of an opposite situation if you have light trim and a super dark siding maybe you want to go lighter with the door. But I’m going to show you specifically what we did on this one to choose. Since we’re going to go dark, we’re going to stick with the bottom end of a lot of paint strips. Everything up here is light and too close to the tone of what that siding is going to be. Remember these paint chips and cards go from light all the way down to the darkest shade. We’ve got several shades of red and one that even comes down into a kind of a plummy color with a little touch of purple in it. All three of those and then we’ve also come up with really dark green and then also a really dark blue. My favorite out of any of these is the blue color which is called gale force which again is the Sherwin-Williams color. We’ll get a little closer so you guys can see them comparatively. But you can see here what that looks like. Again you’ve got uh dark medium and light so you want to no matter what composition you have in um in your space whether you have dark trim. You want to make sure that you kind of has those three a dark a light and a medium.

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Front door colors for in Entry. architectural details front doors pendant light.

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