Cost to paint interior of house Traditional Bedroom beige wall headboard white coffered ceiling
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A guide on estimating interior painting. Start with how to estimate a bedroom for painting. The first thing gonna need to do is grab dimensions for the room. So the length and the width of the room and to do that you can use a measuring tape. The fastest way is by using a laser measure that you can buy at Home Depot for 25 bucks. The dimensions, in this case, it’s a 10 by 10 room, which in this case is going to be 100sq. Now we’re going to break the price down in a couple of different areas. We’re going to give them a price for the walls, a price for the ceiling and we’re going to get a price for the trim. To get wall price just take the square root square footage, multiply that by 2 to get the ceiling price. Take the square footage on its own and the same thing for the trim. For the walls, about 200 bucks for the ceiling about 100 bucks for the trim about 100 bucks, and this is for labor so again this doesn’t include paint. Now about paint cost, in a 10 by 10 room. We are going to use about two gallons of paint for the walls, a gallon for the ceiling and a gallon for the trim. We’re going to get four gallons total for the room. Multiply that by per gallon price which is going to be right around 25 bucks if you’re using just a standard product, a comparable product from Benjamin Moore or PPG that’s going to give us $100 paint cost. If we add these up that’s going to be 400 bucks. This adds up to a total cost to the customer of 500 bucks which is definitely reasonable for a 10 by 10 room.

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Cost to paint interior in Bedroom. Bedroom beige bedding beige carpet.

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