Concrete floors in house Living Room Contemporary casement windows dark gray sofa glass and metal coffee table
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Concrete floors in house anyone who is looking for a low-cost flooring or a cheap flooring option. What we were actually doing was we took our existing three bedrooms semi-detached house. We needed to find flooring for so the actual base of the flooring is block and beam floor which would put in memory. Obviously created the extension and once we knocked through the kitchen we needed a temporary space and a temporary surface that we could use until we were ready to finish the kitchen off. We put down a screed at the time but we didn’t at that point lift the tiles from the original kitchen. We didn’t actually go about leveling the whole space. It’s a critical point because we’d already put the decking in place outside. We wanted to make sure we had an absolutely level floor and also this is really important for certain types of floor that you’re laying. We were going for a vinyl tile and the vinyl flooring. So we really needed to make sure that we had an absolutely level floor underneath.
We had to put down two coats of primer, the professionals came in and did the first coat which had to go over the previous kitchen flooring and the new extension flooring as well. Then the night before they needed to lay the compound. Laying the compound was a fairly easy process and only took just over half a day for the floor compound. You can tile on it after only three hours which is quite amazing. It’s to be the ideal for things like plywood and chipboard overlay. But also ideal for underfloor heating systems. This is the key thing for anyone that’s looking for a cheap flooring option. We’ve put down a coat of this and this is called a chem II it’s a nano effect stain repellent and this basically makes the surface water-resistant and also stain-proof. That it creates the flooring that gives you that kind of concrete effect which is quite fashionable.

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Concrete floors in house in Living Room.

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