Cabinet knobs and handles Traditional Kitchen glass subway tile white cabinets black knobs
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Talk about hardware, the smallest yet most difficult decision of any kitchen renovations we’re going to discuss colors. What’s the difference between a knob and a pole and what is right for your kitchen? What the difference between, the different options, and shapes that you have? What’s the difference between a knob and a pole? And what should you choose for your kitchen. We have a pulp and a knob and the most obvious difference between the tube besides size is the ease ability to open your cabinets. Some people don’t like poles because they feel like this gets caught on their clothes. Some people like knobs because it’s just a simple pull. What shape is right for you? Should you have a pole or should you have a knob? The question you have to ask yourself is what is your kitchen design? Do you have a lot of drawers? Do you have a lot of poles? Do you have an equal amount of both? Are you in a New York City apartment? Where you have a lot of small doors. If that’s the case you have to ask yourself what could you fit a lot of people like to put knobs on drawers, pulls on doors. If you have one lonely draw base and the rest of your kitchen or doors having a few knobs, in your kitchen may look misplaced. However, if you have an equal relationship of both then it may be a good idea to mix the two to put a little variety in your kitchen. What size should you put, should it be 6 inch? Should it be 5-inch? Should it be 12-inch?

What color is right for you? Well let’s go through your options, you have Chrome, satin, nickel, bronze or matte black. Take a look at your appliances, your faucet, your fixtures, what color are they? If you’re like 43% of the population and have white shaker cabinets and stainless steel appliances, you should probably go with Chrome or and nickel. If you’re not, what if you’re one of the renegades who have copper bronze appliances with some white shaker cabinets, will say maybe really cool to do matte black. But, what I would stay away from is brass. To finalize a decision about your hardware, you should ask yourself three questions. What is my kitchen design and look like and what’s the relationship between my doors and drawers? What are the colors that I have in my kitchen? What are my appliances fixtures and other metals in my kitchen?

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Cabinet knobs and handles in Kitchen. black fixtures black knobs chrome kettle.

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