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We have five bedroom paint colors, that will inspire you to paint your room. If you’re looking for a light color that isn’t great and you don’t want beige then one option would be Swiss coffee. This is Swiss coffee by Benjamin Moore it’s a greyish color. What’s a grayish color? It’s anywhere between gray and beige. A couple examples of some colors that go really well with Swiss coffee. Let’s say that you have a nice light-medium brown with just a little bit of a green undertone in your fabric, when you compare it with Swiss coffee they just go beautiful, it’s just seamless. Another great color that would go well is linen, linen is everywhere it could be your drapery. When you compare linen what’s Swiss coffee, it’s just flawless. Let’s say that you want to get a pop of color, with a tell Bluegreen you just can’t go wrong. When you compare it here again this Swiss coffee gives you that pop that you’re looking for. Swiss coffee is a great option but just remember to pay special attention to your fixed and furnish items that you may have in your room. Just to make sure that it will pair well with your room and one other thing is known as somewhat of a chameleon. In other words, it will change in color depending on if you pay in your north or south facing firms.

Are you looking for a soft blue for your bedroom? You might want to check out is called iceberg by Benjamin Moore. Look at iceberg by Benjamin Moore, it’s a blue color it loves fresh and clean colors. This is a great choice for a baby room. A couple of colors that will go really well with the iceberg let’s say is white, like a fresh clean white like this fabric. When you compare it with ice iceberg it’s gonna make your room fill opened, refreshed, and just rejuvenated. If you want to add a little pop of color, try yellow. A nice yellow fresh color like this when you add yellow with the iceberg. Not only does it give a pop to your room but it also brings some warmth. If you want to kind of cool it down a little bit, you can’t go wrong with a nice light pink fabric. When you compare it with the iceberg just notice how beautifully they pair together. Iceberg is a really beautiful color it goes really well in a baby room.

For all of you that are looking for a spa-like bedroom or something relaxing, I’ve got great color for you it’s called Palladium blue by Benjamin Moore. Palladium blue by Benjamin Moore has a blue-green undertone it loves fresh and clean colors. Start with peach, peach fabric it’s everywhere when you compare this peach with Palladium blue they go really well together. It’s going to add that warmth that you’re going to be wanting to look for in your bedroom. Another color that goes really well is till blue-green, when you compare them together notice the green and the blue they just go beautifully.

If you want your bedroom to feel clean and crisp, then I really recommend Chantilly lace by Benjamin Moore. They go so beautifully together as you can see plenty and blue is a beautiful color. It’s relaxing but it is so exciting. There are so many possibilities but it has two undertones a green and a blue so it’s going to react differently depending on the type of lighting and where you paint this color. Fresh colors are in the trend and yellow is no exception.

If you’ve ever painted with yellow your view ever worked with yellow. How hard it is to find the perfect yellow for your bedroom? I like to share with you what is called Western Flags. Western Flags by Benjamin Moore it’s not a screaming yellow, it’s more of a muted yellow and that’s great for a lot of good reasons. A couple examples of some colors that will go really well with Western Flags. let’s say you have hardwood floors maybe you have honey oak or you have a birch wood floor. When you compare the birch wood floor with Western Flags, notice how well they go together. If you want to add a little bit of warmth into your bedroom let’s throw in a little bit of yellow-green. When you compare it goes really well together.

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