1970 ranch house remodel Eclectic Living Room white ledgestone fireplace wood flooring
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Welcome to the 1970 ranch house, what it looks like after you’ve done a complete gut Renault good planning good design. Good execution of details wooden windows, all new drywall all new electrical all new plumbing this was a solid good 70’s ranch house. We stripped it to the absolutely bare studs using local materials and maple flooring. Good coloring some good design some details like these arches. A little bit different rather than just keeping everything square we added some arches just to give the square room a little more Flair. An ensuite off the bedroom was a huge improvement and by doing that we removed a small somewhat useless center bedroom which gave us that in the ensuite and the walk-in closet. This 1970 ranch house also has a basement so we were able to add extra rooms in the basement opening up the kitchen completely change the dwelling. With quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances removing the walls around the staircase then allowed you to see from one end to the other of the building. Added full beams to create the illusion that it was not so long and narrow. That also was an improvement glass in the doors, that let light through from different rooms at different times. The day modern shower is all tile Schlueter system built-in drainage, quartz countertops even in the bathrooms. Modern looking details this is a really basic house with some interesting Flair. This room here was the old porch completely closed in now allowing us to open the southern end of the house. All it had was one porch door so we hope you enjoyed the tour of that 70s house.

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1970 ranch house remodel in Living Room. white cabinet white cabinets white ledgestone fireplace.

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